Social Dynamics and the Environment

We study social networks, climate adaptation, and the relationships between people and nature that underpin complex environmental problems

Adaptation, transformation, and resilience

Confronting the profound social, environmental, and climatic changes that threaten biodiversity and human welfare necessitates the capacity of people and institutions to adapt and potentially transform to secure a sustainable future. We study the determinants of adaptation, transformation, and resilience; and how these processes play out over time.

Social networks and environmental outcomes

Understanding how social dynamics drive outcomes in environmental systems is critical to advancing global sustainability. We apply theories of social organisation to understand how different patterns of social structure relate to outcomes in environmental systems, such as whether and how sustainable practices diffuse through populations.

Social-ecological linkages and feedbacks

In this era of unprecedented anthropogenic stress on natural capital essential for supporting human wellbeing, we must have a strong understanding of the linkages and feedbacks between people and nature. To develop this understanding, we work in interdisciplinary teams and apply novel multilevel network methods.